​​​​​​​My photographic style as a fashion and conceptual photographer focuses on the juxtaposition of contrasting ideas and opinions within social, political and religious themes and attitudes. I like to introduce an awkwardness and sense of absurdity in subtle details to add elements of humour and metaphor in the illustration of an artistic perspective.
I was born and raised in Melbourne's inner city suburbs and always had a keen enthusiasm for photography and cameras. Since my later years in high school, I been utilising photography to communicate when words cannot begin to articulate life.
I'm a graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology [rmit] where I studied a bachelor of fine arts (photography) and completed my honours too.
the area of photography I undertake in my commercial business include fashion photoshoots, portraits (family or client), instagram content, and much more. 
for commercial or fine art enquires please feel free to reach out 
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